PS3 media Server : Nouvelle version


Il y’a quelques temps j’ai fait un mini-tuto d’installation de PS3 Media server, sachez que la version 1.10.1 vient de voir le jour voici le changelog :

– Changes / Features : Windows/Linux

DTS / DTS-HD core audio tracks are now streamable without reencoding (DVD ISOs not supported yet) New Option: unification of Mencoder/tsMuxer engines, including: . Automatic choice between H264 muxing or transcoding, based on AVC Level 4.1 compatibility and subtitles configuration . Remux on the fly any H264 content from MOV, MP4, and AVI containers (ex: Apple HD Trailers) . This option is enabled by default and can be disabled via the #Video Settings# virtual menu if anything goes wrong TS/M2TS support improvement 2 channels downmixing support with PCM conversion

– Changes / Features : All Platforms

XBox 360 unofficial support (Pictures/Music/Videos : WMV8/WMA2 transcoding) Mencoder archive handling (no seeking support) Simplified copy (always available, no more option), and much faster with remuxed videos Alternate subtitles directory Multi language external subtitles support Alternate cover art folder and <video>.jpg additional support (along existing <video>.<ext>.cover.jpg) Automatic album art download from amazon or discogs Option to display more recents file first in a directory Ability to generate video thumbnails with Mplayer New translations: Romanian (thanks to Marinescu Alexandru Cezar), Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (thanks to KK Tong) Updated translations: Finnish, German, Greek, Icelandic, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish

– Fixes

Reworked RSS parsing (youtube playlists) Reworked Audio/Subtitles tracks handling Better stability in LPCM and DTS handling Fixed LPCM channel ordering Wrong font detection on some systems: subtitles weren’t loaded Fixed tsMuxer crash at the end of file Modified UPNP discovery

On nottera la compatibilité avec la XboX 360 ! 😎

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